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Do you suffer from anxiety? What about depression? Maybe PTSD? Fibromyalgia? An addiction? Or maybe just simple stress….
I’ve got news for you. You don’t have any of these things. Because they are just labels.
The danger of labels is that they put people in boxes. And this leads to them being treated in the same manner as others in that same box. But what works for Mr Jones up the road, may not work for you.
Because no one has any of these things as they don’t exist as a specific condition.
What you actually have is a set of unique reactions, responses, emotions and coping mechanisms created by your own unique experiences. It is completely unlike anything anyone else suffers.
So why settle for help or treatment the same as everyone else gets? Or for the therapist, why learn a method just because it works with one particular person?
What is needed is a program as unique to the individual as the set of reactions and emotions they experience, and only they can create that.
And that is where the power of the Sanomentology program comes into play. The Dream Architecture of the processes allow the individual to create whatever is needed to resolve the symptoms that they experience.
So if you are tired of the run of the mill scripted and out of the box methods of therapy and treatment, then join us today and learn how to really help yourself and others to change their behaviours in ways to suit them.
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