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Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is a fear of what could happen, depression is dwelling on what already had happened. They are both caused in similar ways, by stored unfinished business in the amygdala and negative emotions tied to memories.

When you get a song stuck in your head, it's usually because we have only heard part of the song.
Nested loops in stories work for the same reason. We get addicted to a TV series, or a book. This is because the mind hates stuff left unfinished. It locks it into the amygdala until it is concluded.
This is the same with events in our life. Anything left unfinished gets locked in, and even the smallest events accumulate, leading to issues such as procrastination, self sabotage, fears, anxiety, depression and low self esteem.

When the amygdala doesn’t get a satisfactory ending or conclusion to anything that passes through the senses (and there are many more than the 5 that we think about, the debated amount is between 14 and 20), then it will store that information until it can conclude it. This is not a big problem when it is just a song or story, but this also happens with other events, battles, arguments, times of fear or terror.

Another task that the amygdala has is to link an emotive state to any memory. The smell of fresh bread may bring back pleasant childhood memories, but the sound of a firework may trigger PTSD to a veteran.

We have a built-up scenario in our memory with different emotions linked to billions of memories. Some are huge, as may be dealt with in regular therapy, others are an accumulation of lots of small events, which would often be missed in therapy.

With content free processes we can work with you to reset the amygdala and your emotional state