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Base 12 Architecture

In the beginning there was nothing.

No Time.

No Space.

No Matter.

But this is not really the beginning, not in the grand scheme of things. This is just the moment before energy as we know it existed.

Then came the Big Bang, and from that was produced all of the energy that exists in this Universe today.

Energy comes in twelve forms, Mechanical, Thermal, Nuclear, Chemical, Electromagnetic, Sonic, Gravitational, Kinetic, Potential, Ionization, Dark and Zero Point.

Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is the one of most interest in this theory. ZPE exists even in a vacuum. It is the lowest point of energy that a quantum mechanical system can have, and it is huge! In a lightbulb sized vacuum there is theorised to be enough ZPE, if it could be harnessed, to boil away all of the oceans on the planet.

ZPE exists even in the absence of all other forms of energy.

After the moment of the big bang, for no known particular reason, matter began to form. Theoretically, 3 minutes after the big bang, sub atomic particles began to form.

There are three groups of sub atomic particles, each group consisting of twelve particles. There exists twelve force carrying particles, the Photon, W-, W+, Z0 and 8 Gluons. There are also 12 matter particles and 12 anti-particles.

Theoretically there is also one extra particle, the Higgs Boson, or God Particle.

After another 300,000 years, again for no particular known reason, these subatomic particles started to form the first atoms. These atoms began to clump together, starting with Hydrogen, the first atoms. As more and more hydrogen joined under gravitational energy, they eventually reached a critical mass where the internal pressures fused the atoms, expelling energy, creating stars, and creating Helium, the second atom. This cycle continued until the creation of Iron, and then the process stops. All further elements were created during other processes.

Roll on billions of years. Stars explode under their own internal forces, and the atoms are scattered across the universe. In places these atoms clump together again to form more stars, and planets etc.

On our particular planet (and possibly others) some of these elements come together in a way, with the right chemical and energetical balance, to create life.

Fast forward another few billion years to Human Beings.

It takes twelve key elements to make a Human. Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Sodium, Chlorine, Magnesium and Iron. We also need twelve base minerals to survive.

The Theory

Let’s start with what we know and what we can perceive. We are conscious beings, we respond to stimuli which has to be consciousness. (NB. Do not confuse the reference to consciousness with the conscious and unconscious mind as discussed in psychology. Consciousness in this context is purely an awareness of surroundings and ability to respond to those surroundings)

However, we are made up of trillions of individual cells, and each of these cells can be isolated, kept “living” in a suitable environment, and these cells will also react to stimuli. Therefore each of our individual cells has its own consciousness.

Therefore, it could be concluded that our consciousness as a Human Being is the collective consciousness of all of the trillions of living cells that make us.

AN example of this in technological terms is a project that SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) use. They harness the unused processing power of computers belonging to the general public all over the world. Millions of computers come together in a collective unit known as a Botnet. The whole is unaware of the individual units running it, it works as one collective.

The theory behind the Base 12 Architecture is much larger, and it works on a fractural design.

At its lowest level Zero Point Energy, the lowest level of energy that can exist, has a consciousness. This is such a primitive level of consciousness even compared to that of a single cell, that it works at such a slow pace and with such miniscule effect that it is undetectable to us.

When this energy changes form to become matter, the collective consciousness of all of the energy required to form a sub atomic particle joins up like a Botnet. These the form atoms with the same effect, with the collective consciousness of all the particles that form it coming together at the next level. This level of consciousness is far greater than that at the level of ZPE, but it is still undetectable by us.

These atoms come together to form molecules, again forming a collective of many smaller consciousnesses, and these come together to form cells. A cell contains an estimated 100 trillion atoms, and it is at this level we first perceive consciousness.

100 trillion of these cells come together to make a human being, and the collective consciousness of all of the levels below brings us to our level of consciousness.

To allow a conceptual level of understanding, I am going to continue to use computer and technology comparisons, however these comparisons are going to be very loose as many of the functions are at a level we cannot conceive.

A human being must reach a critical cellular and energetical mass before ewe can reach each stage of development. Much of this happens within the womb, however further development continues throughout life.

Here is a comparative summary.

Computer System Human Being BIOS/Basic Input Output System Central Nervous System Basic Operating System, drivers etc Root Unconscious Mind Software Apps etc Learning Unconscious Mind Firewall and Antivirus Critical Faculty Artificial Intelligence Conscious Mind

So far we have the smallest forms of energy coming together to change form and become subatomic particles, then atoms. These atoms come together to form molecules, then cells. At each stage we get a collective of the consciousness of all levels below. The cells come together to form the level of consciousness that we are familiar with in ourselves.

Each stage of consciousness levels begins when the optimal performance and evolution of the previous level ends.

We can then scale this up. We come together along with the environmental levels of consciousness, to form communities; towns, cities and counties. This forms the next level of consciousness. We generally do not have a perception of this level of consciousness as it works much faster and at a whole different level to what our minds can comprehend. In the same way, a cell has no concept of what the collective of the human being is processing.

In a Human Being it is not just the “human” cells that are important. There is an estimated 4lbs of bacteria in our bodies, most of which is essential to us. There are also non-living elements, minerals and minute quantities of other elements. All of these contain atoms that form part of our collective consciousness.

The same goes for a community level consciousness. It is not just the humans that make up the collective, but also the animals, plants, buildings, rocks etc. All have atoms and energy, with a consciousness to contribute to the collective.

If we go back to the computer analogy, you have the main system, motherboard, memory, hard drive etc. But a well designed case, although not a processing part of the machine, can help performance. You also have other elements, such as the keyboard, mouse, USB sticks etc, all added to increase its performance and usability.

The next level in the fractural design would be global, the planet as a whole. The collective of every animal, plant, rock, ocean, every single atom, comes together to form the next level of consciousness. This again works at such a high level, even higher than the community level, that we have no concept or understanding of its power. This is the level where we start to talk about the collective in terms of the Law of Attraction.

The next level would be the Solar System level, then Galaxy level, Super cluster level and finally the Universe. The collective consciousness of every atom and every part of ZPE in the universe would be at the level of what humans call God.


Sub Atomic Particles







Solar System


Super Cluster


As you can see here, that gives us 12 levels of Collective Consciousness. Each one is an exponentially higher level than the sum of its parts.

The Base 12 Architecture process within Sanomentology will help you to connect to each and every one of these levels of consciousness.