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Become a Therapist

Why might you want to become a Sanomentologist?

If you get frustrated with having to do loads of sessions to get results, where clients get disillusioned and disappear part way through a session plan or you worry about having to ask people to relive their trauma then Sanomentology could well be for you.

Its a versatile, adaptable set of protocols that give fantastic results for physical pain, emotional pain, PTSD, addictions, weight management, self esteem etc. You name it, one of our team has probably treated it successfully. Best of all the team will be very happy to share their stories and successes with you to enhance your confidence and give you information to share with your clients and prospects.

Working at a deep level in the mind sanomentology gets to the root of the problem, untangles the issue and allows the mind to reroute its programming for the better. We talk to the unconscious mind rather than at it. Clients are in control the whole way through, us as therapists help to steer the client through the framework and guidance with the only aim being that the client has a pleasant and positive experience. By keeping our own egos and ideas out the client is able to heal and respond faster.


Get the Sanomentology Prospectus by clicking the image below.

You don’t need a Masters degree to study with us, nor do you need to travel to far flung corners of the world as we come to you. All our training is available online, you are most welcome to attend in person if you prefer. Our main training base is in Chesterfield UK amongst the beautiful hills of the Peak District.

The protocols and programmes continue to grow and expand. Once you join us you will have access to all the new ones within the initial cost - no further fees to pay. You also get regular supervision calls and space to swap sessions with other therapists to keep you on tip top form. Again no cost attached.

Book your training now to start revolutionising your practice.

Bring more positivity and wellness to the world with Sanomentology.

Remember that great results with clients will mean they tell their friends and more clients will come your way without the need for paid advertising.

Sanomentology Training is fully accredited with the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)




I cannot say enough about the course I have just done, and I'm only half way through it 😁
The protocols are amazing and I couldnt believe that part of the training was also done on us so we knew first hand what our clients were going to experience."

— Sharon Lawler

"Martin is an excellent Therapist and Trainer . Its as simple as that and my practice has grown because of Martins Impact in his training and wisdom."

— Trevor R Wales

"So looking forward to deepening my understanding and proficiency in these protocols. Martin is an extremely enlightened and generous teacher."

— Bridget Cook

"Can't recommend Martin's Training enough. So excited for the future."

— Carol Williams