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How can we help YOU?

Is life is a struggle? Are you suffering?

Has everyone else given up or said there's nothing they can do?

If any of those sound like you, We want you to know that we can help.

We can help you release those issues, be free of a painful past, blast through those things that hold you back

- even if other people have told you that's just the way it is...

But, then again, you don’t have to move forward.
No-one is going to force you to let go of that which is holding you back.

You are free to continue to live as long as you want, trapped in the past, where your problems and issues rule your entire existence.

You can stay like that for as long as you can bear , until it destroys your entire life if you want - you have a choice.
You can choose to stay where you are or choose to become the best version of yourself
... and take back that life you truly deserve.

If you're ready to make that choice get in touch for a free chat and we'll show how we can help.

"Resolve your issue without talking about or reliving your old trauma!"

Common Issues

Chronic Pain

Our team of Sanomentologists work with patients suffering from chronic physical and emotional pain at a psychological level. We use a number of protocols that work together to help with pain from issues such as Arthritis, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Scars, Post Thrombotic Syndrome, ME/CFS, MS, all types of old injuries and many more.

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Our 4 week program will help you to deal with the addiction, the cravings, and most importantly, the drivers behind the addiction, something that most other addiction therapies disregard.
The sessions are friendly and safe, helping you to overcome the issues related to freeing yourself from the prison that you are in created by the addiction.

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Most fears and phobias are learnt. And if they are learnt, they can be unlearnt.
Often a phobia can be resolved in a very quick session using processes from the Sanomentology program. Occasionally if there is any residue fear left, we can go in with a deeper process depending on the level and depth of the fear.

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The processes within the Sanomentology Program are content free meaning you can work on resolving the issues without talking or reliving them. The treatment for PTSD usually takes 4-5 sessions, with amazing results found after the first one. Your therapist will be non judgemental and work to help you to help yourself.

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Weight Management

For successful weight management to work, it needs to happen at different levels, all at the unconscious level. The whole programming around food, beliefs, attitude etc need to change.
As Sanomentologists, we work at all of these levels for a successful long term happy weight program. 

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Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is a fear of what could happen, depression is dwelling on what already had happened. They are both caused in similar ways, by stored unfinished business in the amygdala and negative emotions tied to memories. With content free processes we can work with you to reset the amygdala and your emotional state..

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Whatever the issue you find yourself suffering from, have a chat with one of the team.

We WILL be able to help you!

Life Enhancement

If you have no issues, or once your issues have been resolved, we also have tools, theories and processes to take you out the other side, enhance your life, and help you to reach your full potential.

Love and Fear

The Ego is a good thing to have, it is what makes us strive to do better, gives us our sense of self. When our ego works from a position of love, we strive, succeed, grow, and help others do the same. There is no sense of competition, only collaboration.
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Belief and Confidence

Building belief and confidence in a product or service comes with practise, use and experience. Self-belief and self-confidence are more important, as they will underpin any other confidence. These are built upon the programming created throughout life. That is where the BAC UP Plan (Belief And Confidence UPgrade) comes into play.

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Base 12 Architecture

Using a theoretical idea of the consciousness of energy, atoms and every stage up to the universe itself, Base 12 Artchitecture allows a client to connect to all levels to conduct healing and enhancement at multiple levels.

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M.Y.D.A.S. Sanomentology Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction. The Secret!
A widely accepted concept with more holes than my socks.
I have been putting together my own ideas around the LOA since 1984. Here I will share my own concept of it, merged with theories put forward in the Sanomentology Program.
The basis of the idea, we attract that what we focus on. We vibrate at a certain level and attract according to that vibration.
I partly agree, however there are a lot of flaws in this idea.

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