Sanomentology is a therapeutic method merging science, psychology, philosophy, hypnotherapy and other therapeutic processes to work with the mind at a deeper more connected level than many other therapies. This deep connection enables faster results for clients and more easily too.

With sanomentology we won’t ask you to bare your soul or go on and on about how you feel and why that is. We help you get to the root of your problem, even if you don’t know what that is. The link between the cause and the symptoms is removed and you become pain free or get your headspace back. Have a look at the client page for more information and some case studies.

If sanomentology was a beer we would be Carlsberg; “Probably the best in the World”

If sanomentology was a car we would be Tesla; A revolutionary take on a fundamental principle

Sometimes something is super effective because it is so simple - that’s the case with Sanomentology. We have had some amazing results with people who had been given up on by other professionals. PTSD, chronic pain and all sorts of hang ups and trauma can be successfully treated with a small number of sanomentology sessions.

Once the negative issues have been removed we can help you unlock your full potential too.

Sanomentology is fully accredited with the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine).


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We train existing therapists to become even more fabulous and able to help more people better.

We also train people from scratch who have never been a therapist before but want to work in a rewarding arena. Many clients go on to become therapists once they discover how powerful and versatile Sanomentology is.

Meet the Founder


Martin Rothery

"Hi there! I am Martin Rothery, Sanomentologist, Hypnotist, Pain Eliminator and Law of Attraction Practitioner.

I am a deep thinker with interests across the fields of science, theology, psychology and philosophy.

I have developed the Sanomentology program, (Sano - Restore, repair, Ment - the mind, Ology - the study and research of) by breaking down the barriers between the different elements. The protocols and processes within the program help to resolve the many issues that plague our every day lives.

I live in Chesterfield, UK with my gorgeous wife and have 5 fantastic children. They are the driving force behind my passion.

This passion is what is going to make the Sanomentology Program the most effective and diverse therapy process in the world."

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