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M.Y.D.A.S. Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction. The Secret!

A widely accepted concept with more holes than my socks.

I have been putting together my own ideas around the LOA since 1984. Here I will share my own concept of it, merged with theories put forward in the Sanomentology Program.

The basis of the idea, we attract that what we focus on. We vibrate at a certain level and attract according to that vibration.

I partly agree, however there are a lot of flaws in this idea.

Most teachers of the LOA say to focus on the end result, to forget the how's and just look at the goal. They talk vision boards and affirmations.

I'm sure the homeless, the victims of disasters, the residents of war torn areas can live in that comfort that they attracted it to themselves. The same for those suffering disease, pain, other issues. I'm pretty sure that was not their end goal, and if the argument is that they didn't have an end goal then that says the Universe is an arse and will heap misery on those who don't remain positive. The LOA fits for those who have had the good fortune to be successful. For those who haven't, it's a kick in the teeth.

What the LOA doesn't address is the journey a person may need to reach their goal, and also their part in other people's goals. The idea of goals, vision boards etc also put limits on what can be achieved. An example. A man decides his goal is to be rich and successful. He has his vision board with his supercar, his mansion etc. He also has a family. Now having a family can make success harder to achieve. It can take longer, money gets spent quicker, focus is distracted etc.

So the universe focuses on the end goal, and how to achieve it as quick as possible. The family unit starts to disintegrate, the mother has an affair, leaves the father, taking the kids. He plows all his energy into the business and achieves his goals. But is he happy? Probably not, as the family was something he had and lost.

What about the mother, and the children. They didn't share in the drive for success, they were happy with the family unit as it was. They have become the Universe's collateral damage.

The short story, The Monkeys Paw is a great example, be careful what you wish for.

I have experienced many hardships in my life, I can see why they happened, what the end result was that they led to, but I have to question whether they needed to happen.

How it works

Firstly let's talk about the science behind the LOA (my view of it anyway).

In Base 12 Architecture we talked about the idea of our consciousness being a collective force of the consciousness of all the cells, which in turn is the collective force of all the atoms, which in turn is a collective force of all the energy that make the atoms. So, basically any one of us as a being is a huge scale BOTNET of consciousness at a quantum level.

At the quantum level, time and space do not work as expected. Cause and effect are not solid, and experiments have shown that changes to particles in the present effect the particles in the past.

Therefore, it would be logical to suggest, if we could focus the consciousness of every particle of our being to an outcome in the future, then that futures situation would affect the particles in the present. What we term as synchronicities or coincidence are the loop backs from our actions in the future. That can be taken at every level of consciousness from the Base 12 Architecture. So energy, atoms, molecules cells etc, right up to the Universe itself. And each level directly effects the other levels.

Now this is where things get tricky. Whether intentionally or not, we focus on the end goal. At all levels there is an end purpose, whether it's the actions of individual cells or atoms, or the actions of a community or country, they are "manifesting" the end goal. It always starts with a positive intention and thought. The universe, in its desire to help achieve that as fast as possible, may cause hardship along the route. Take the example of the business man and his family. His intention is good, and the universe conspires to make it happen, at the cost of losing his family, not something that was factored into his end goal. However, as the family breaks apart, the man becomes depressed, knowing what he has lost. He goes on a downward spiral of negative thoughts and emotions, which go out as part of his new intention. Good or bad is irrelevant, the universe is not aware of those concepts. So the things he suddenly starts to attract are all focused on the new emotions. He loses his house, his job, and spirals down until he can find a way to shift that state.

There are 2 base emotions at the root of all other emotions, Love and Fear. We see them as good and bad, but that is human perception. To the Universe they are just polar opposites, like light and dark, north and south. If a person gets upset, ill, or even dies, the net energy and consciousness of the universe doesn’t change. Everything carries on as usual.

Going down the scale to the cellular level, illness and disease. For some reason known only to the Universe, a person’s cells become damaged. They grow into a tumour and get labelled as cancerous. At the level of the cells, atoms, energy consciousness, they affect the cells around them, causing the cancer to spread. At the level of the person, as soon as they find out, they start to feel the emotions linked to Fear. This travels down the chain to increase the “negative vibration” at the cellular level and below. There have been many cases documented where laughter and other positive emotions (Love State) have had miraculous results on illness and disease.

Go up the scale to the level of Communities. A flash mob can materialise extremely quickly with just a few strategically placed instigators, resulting in the most mild-mannered people becoming raging maniacs. Riots ensue where whole towns get destroyed. However there have been experiments where a select group of people have formed mastermind groups in towns that are suffering, and the result has been an increase in general happiness and prosperity.

And up the scale again, to the country level. The first port of call from a corrupt government with negative intent against others, is to instil fear into its citizens. Fear of immigrants, terrorists, religious groups, other classes and the like. Once the fear sets in, they can then launch attacks where they like with the majority of the country behind them. Often after the event there are questions asked, and the general public question the motives, forgetting that many of them supported it in the first place.

If we take this even further, I have to question the planetary level, whether it is linked to the increase in natural disaster, famine and other global issues. I am not religious, but think many stories from religious texts are moral stories, rather than factual. Noah’s Ark for example, a global flood bought on by the evil people that lived then. Likewise with the plagues in Egypt, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and many other stories.

How do we make it work in our favour?

Firstly, I say bin those vision boards. They place limits on your ability to manifest and can result in Fear based emotions when it appears things aren’t manifesting. Rather than using the vision boards, it’s time to turn to symbols.

Symbols are not as universal as people think. Show a simple cross, and most people with automatically think of Christianity. However, show the same symbol to a resident of Ancient Rome, and they would see torture and death. What we see in symbols are what we are told to see, or the association we make. When it’s a symbol that has been forced upon us, our unconscious doesn’t always follow it at the deep levels. But create your own symbols that are personal to you and the UM will grasp its meaning. The unconscious does not recognise the meaning behind written words, it sees them as a picture, so creating a symbol makes it easier for the UM to instantly pick it out and associate it with the affirmation you are stating.

To create your symbol, start with the affirmation. My favourites are “My life is full of abundance” or “I am Happy”

Abundance is all encompassing, covering the right amounts of all aspects of your life, and happiness is the thing we all strive for. However, make your own affirmation based on what you want to manifest, and take into account the other aspects of your life so as not to trade one for the other.

Write the affirmation down on a piece of paper.

My Life Is full of Abundance

Next remove the vowels and the letter Y, they have been regarded as place fillers for many ancient languages, and the UM can read a phrase without them.


Next we want use these letters to create the symbol, almost like designing a logo. Think how effectively a well known logo can be used. Use colours to make it more powerful.

This is just as an example for this booklet, however always do this by hand and put your whole being into the creation of it.



Once created, the symbol needs to be mounted and placed somewhere where you can see it on a regular basis. Every time the UM sees it, even fleetingly, it will set the affirmation back on track.


Visualisation also has a great part to play. But it needs to be clear and concise. Close your eyes and imagine being in the place you want to be, whether its success, fame, love etc. Place yourself in the movie experiencing it, but more importantly, include other aspects. For example, if you are visualising a new car, see yourself in the car, driving it, but also see your family or loved ones in the car with you. Feel the emotions that you can expect when you achieve that goal, make them real for a few minutes each day, preferably when you first wake up, where you are most susceptible to self-suggestion.

The biggest factor in all of this is to remove limiting beliefs, and do not allow yourself to be sucked into those of the people around you, the media and society. A nightly ritual will help with that using Mind Mediation, as follows:

Lay in bed and ask the UM for a finger lift to acknowledge yes.

UM, I'd like to have a chat before sleep, and if you are willing, give me that yes.

UM, thank you for everything you have done for me today, keeping me healthy, happy and alive, you've done an amazing job.

UM, I understand during the day, I may have taken on some limiting beliefs that do not serve me. I'd like you to now scan through deleting and removing these limiting beliefs, leaving me with the knowledge that I can be, do and have anything I want.

Give me a Yes when that is complete.

Thank You.

UM, I may have taken on and absorbed negative energies, emotions and feelings, so I would like you to now scan through removing these emotions, feelings and energies, and replace with positive ones.

Give me a Yes when that’s complete.

Thank You.

Now UM, as I sleep tonight I would like you to process all the knowledge and learnings today and access any resources needed to carry me forward on my path, allow this to happen tonight as I get the perfect ideal night’s sleep.

If you do not succeed in getting a finger lift, you need to build the trust up with the UM. Until then, use the same wording as above but make statements rather than questions.


Gratitude is essential in life to keep things heading in the right direction. Being grateful for even the littlest thing will promote the feelings associated with Love, and reject the ones for Fear. Gratitude show you are open to receiving. You must also be willing to receive, and know you deserve whatever it is you desire. And doubts, lack of self-esteem, self-respect or self-love will work against you. Working with yourself or another therapist using the protocols within the Sanomentology Program will help with this, although they are also included in the M.Y.D.A.S. Protocol that follows.

As you start on your journey of manifestation, you will experience many synchronicities, people will come into your life and events will happen. Accept these with graciousness and gratitude. Never lose faith, even if things do not look like they are going right. Once you lose faith you enter the fear states and it will go against you. If you find that the journey seems to hard, re assess your affirmation to eliminate the bad that is happening, and ask the Universe to adjust your journey to suit. Follow your intuition and gut feeling over your logical thoughts and you will get where you need to be.

Remember, the only limits are the ones you place on yourself, or the ones you allow others to place on you.